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Tanker Truck Wash

UAB “Autopaslauga” provides universal washing services for tank trucks, container and silo tanks in Kaunas, Technikos st. 16. Our services include both internal and external cleaning of tanks. In addition, we specialise in the complex cleaning of ADR tanks for the transport of hazardous materials.

The interior of the tankers is pressure washed with both cold and hot water. All the cleaning agents we use are environmentally friendly and we use a chemical recovery and neutralisation system.

In addition to cleaning tankers, we also take care of their drivers. Drivers can take a shower, enjoy a coffee
or freshen up on our premises.

As professionals in the business of transporting hazardous materials, we know how important it is that chemical tankers are washed neatly and according to instructions.

Our washing plant has been successfully certified to SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Suistainability), which shows that we work to high quality cleaning standards, promote sustainable practices and provide a reliable service. We are also HACCP certified, which confirms that we operate according to a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system that identifies, assesses and controls hazards related to food