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The main activity of the family company “Autopaslauga”, which was established more than 30 ago, is the transportation of dangerous chemical products. We pay the greatest attention to two principles since the very beginning of our activity – quality and responsibility.

The quality of our services has been purified over a few decades of work and close collaboration with clients, among which – famous manufacturers of chemical products from Lithuania and abroad.

At the very beginning of our activities, “Shell”, one of the largest oil companies in the world requiring great professionalism, entrusted us with their cargo.

We value our customers as if they were a part of our family – we are interested in their long-term happiness and success. And because of this, we view our work with great responsibility and have set ourselves high quality standards.

In order to ensure the desired result of the client in a timely manner, we take care not only of our direct work, but of other related processes as well. If we face unexpected challenges, we strive to find an effective solution, rather than make excuses. We create additional value by closely cooperating with our clients and asking for their feedback too. This allows us to understand the needs of the clients and further improve the processes of our work.

In order to achieve the highest standards, we constantly consult with public authorities on the processes within our company and recommendations on how we could work better. We also carry out the internal audits of our processes.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our family company. They are all equally important to us – weather they are an administrative staff or a truck driver.  We pay great attention and investment in the development of their motivation and competences, and we are glad that the members of our staff are professional, ethical and committed to their work.

1988 m.

a cooperative “Autopaslauga” was established. Field of activity – maintenance and repair works of sports cars.

1990 m.

“Autosplauga”, UAB and the passenger car service was established.

1991 m.

the first cargo trucks were acquired and the activity of international transportation began.

1992 m.

“Autosplauga”, UAB became a member of the National Carriers’ Association LINAVA.

1994 m.

the first tanks for the transportation of liquid dangerous products were acquired.

1994 m.

having won a tender, a transportation agreement of the transportation of first grade oil products with “Shell Lietuva”, UAB regarding the servicing of the “Shell” gas station network in the Baltic countries was concluded.

1996 m.

the “Autosplauga”, UAB cargo truck service was established.

2003 m.

a cooperation agreement was signed with “Naftelf”, UAB, a subsidiary of the civil aviation division “Air Total” of the French oil company “Total Fina Elf”, on the transportation of aviation kerosene JET – A1 to Karmėlava Airport in Kaunas.

2004 m.

Mark the development of the share of the transportation market. “Autosplauga”, UAB transports tank truck products in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands and other EU countries, as well as in Russia and Belarus.

2004 m.

“Autosplauga”, UAB is authorized to evaluate vehicles complying with the requirements of Part 9 of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

2014 m.

the fleet of cargo trucks and tank trucks of “Autosplauga”, UAB intended for the transportation of oil and chemical products is the largest in Lithuania and the largest in the Baltic States in regard to the companies of national capital. Cargo truck and passenger car services provide maintenance to the vehicles of the clients.

2015 m.

Team General Financing – Autopaslauga by Pitlane appeared in the Dakar.

2016 m.

Team General Financing – Autopaslauga by Pitlane appeared in the Dakar.

2018 m.

Became an official partner of the LAG Service

2021 m.

We have become certified: ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system standard, the ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system standard and the ISO 45001: 2018 occupational safety and health management system standard.