About us

AUTOPASLAUGA liquids transportation

AUTOPASLAUGA is a private family company located in Lithuania, the geographical centre of Europe, that specializes in bulk liquids transportation. Traditional values and a professional perception of business have helped AUTOPASLAUGA become a stable and reliable company since 1988.

Today, AUTOPASLAUGA is a modern company which owns and operates the largest fleet of vehicles – trucks and trailer-tanks – among Lithuanian companies as well as between other national capital companies in the Baltic states.

Safety and quality standards, a system to increase efficiency, social responsibility and great attention to environmental protection influence the AUTOPASLAUGA investment policy. Today, 90% of AUTOPASLAUGA trucks are of Euro 5 and Euro 6 type.

Investment in new technologies and the continuous training of all employees are priorities that allow us to operate at the highest professional level and to offer customer-orientated solutions.

AUTOPASLAUGA believes that values and priorities like safety, quality, reliability and continuous development lead to mutual respect and long term partnership.